31st of January, 2014
DVD and VoD release in Germany
The long wait is over! LOSE YOUR HEAD is from now on available in Germany on DVD & via Video-on-Demand . You can get the DVD in shops or order it from the usual providers, for example directly from our distributur Pro-Fun:
Available as video-on-demand for example on :

2nd of January, 2014
Video release end of January
Lose Your Head will be released in Germany on DVd and VOD on the 31st of January. The DVD will inculde many extras like an alternative ending (!), audiocommentary, interviews with the actors and filmmakers and unreleased material like a wild, exuberant dance scene at Kater holzig in the rain.
20th of September, 2013
Soundtrack released
To download go to:
Amazon  -
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4 Tracks as a soundcloud sample and one free download of Spezi by Freedarich here:

top 13 reviews
1. "Stimmungsvolles Mystery-Drama. Dank der atmosphärischen Inszenierung und nicht zuletzt der guten Schauspieler lässt man sich gerne auf die fein konstruierte Geschichte ein.''" kinokino BR
2. "...erzählt mit tollen Schauspielern eine spannende Story und fickt dabei noch ordentlich die Gehirne seiner Zuschauer." cult:online
3. 'Der erste gute Berliner Szene-Film seit Berlin Calling.'' Berliner Morgenpost
4. "Outstanding lead performances create characters that will keep you glued to the screen, and the increasing tension will leave your heart racing." Toronto Film Scene
5. "...zeigt eine düstere Seite der Hauptstadt, hat das Zeug zum Kultfilm und bietet durchaus praktischen Nutzwert." Deutschlandradio
6. ''Düsterfunkelndes Technomärchen.'' Hamburger Abendblatt / Berliner Tagesspiegel
7. "a manic, lunatic adventure (...) with the infinitely appealing Fernando Tielve" newyorkcool
8. ''Mit diesem Psychothriller haben die Macher ein herausragendes Stück Independent-Kino geschaffen.'' 030 Magazin
9. 'Eine faszinierende, spannende Geschichte; wunderschöne Bilder. LOSE YOUR HEAD braucht den Vergleich mit BERLIN CALLING nicht zu scheuen.''
10. ''Ein subtiler, undurchdringlicher Psychothriller (...) mit einem eigentümlichen, originären Reiz: ein wildes, junges Partyleben mit Drogen, Raves und Sex, das dank der ausgezeichneten Schauspieler authentisch wirkt.'' Filmdienst,542132.html
11. "Take Alfred Hitchcock's Vertigo, David Lynch's knack for colors and dissolution of the self in Mulholland Drive, swallow these things along with some nameless pills, and match them to a sweet beat in Berlin. Welcome to Lose Your Head ..." projection blog
12. “...ein morbider, verstörender und überraschender Film"  inforand
13. "...vielleicht einer der verzichtbarsten Streifen in diesem Jahr: Geschichte und Drehbuch hätten nie realisiert werden dürfen. - Ärgerlich." filmanzeiger blog
4th to 13th of October -Mix Copenhagen
18th to 22nd of October - Out in Africa, Johannesburg & Capetown
6th to 17th of November - Ljubljana International Film Festival
8th of November - Queersicht Festival Bern
8th to 18th November - Mix Brasil, Sao Paulo
22th November to 1st of December - Mix Brasil, Rio de Janeiro

Berlin: Eiszeit, Zukunft, Xenon, Sputnik, Lichtblick (19.09.13 -25.09
Hamburg - 3001 Kino (19.09.13 - 25.09.13)
Köln - Filmhauskino (19.09.13 - 02.10.13)
Lüneburg - Scala Programmkino (19.09.13 - 02.10.13)
Ulm - Obscura (19.09.13 - 25.09.13)
Leipzig - Kinobar Prager Frühling (21.09.13 - 25.09.13)
Offenburg - Forum Multiplex (27.09.13)
Karlsruhe - Kinemathek - 20. Lesbisch-Schwule Filmtage (01.10.13 - 06.10.13)
Oldenburg - Cine K (07.10.13)
Kiel - Traum Kino (10.10.13 - 16.10.13)
Previews Germany/Switzerland
München - Preview - Atelier Kino - Mongay (Mo., 09.09.13 - 21:00)
Berlin - Preview - Kino International - Mongay (Mo., 16.09.13 - 22:00)
Bern - Preview - Kino Kunstmuseum (17.09.13 - 21:00)
Berlin - Lichtblick Kino - Preview in Anwesenheit der Filmemacher (18.09.13)
Lose Your Head Poster


July-December, 2013
Screening Dates

16.7. 21:30 and 18.7. 17:00
QFest Philadelphia, USA
26.7. 19:30
QFest Houston, USA
27.7. 22:00
Open-Air-Schanzenkino Hamburg, Germany
Sziget Festival Budapest, Hungary
8.8. 21:15
Freiluftkino Kreuzberg, Berlin – Germany
27.8. 20:00
Freiluftkino Friedrichshain, Berlin – Germany
16.9. 22:00
Kino International, Berlin – Germany
Cinema Release Germany
6. - 17.11.
Ljubljana International Film Festival, Slowenia
7.11. - 17.11.
Mix Brasil, Sao Paulo, Brasil
22.11. - 1.12
Mix Brasil, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

May-June, 2013
International Festival Screenings
February, 8th, 2013
On stage @ Berlinale

February, 8th, 2013
Before the Premiere

January 30, 2013
Berlinale Screenings
And these are the screening dates at berlinale!
Day             Time         Cinema
08.02.2013     21:30    CinemaxX 7
09.02.2013     22:45    CineStar 3
10.02.2013     20:15    Cubix 7 & 8
11.02.2013     22:30    Colosseum 1
17.02.2013     22:30    Cubix 7 & 8
January 15, 2013
Lose Your Head goes Berlinale
Now it's official: Lose Your Head was chosen as a panorama entry for this Year's Berlinale, 7th to 17th of February!
November 21, 2012
Film funds granted

The Panel 2 of the Film Fund 'Filmförderung Hamburg Schleswig-Holstein GmbH (FFHSH)', responsible for projects with costs under € 800,000, awarded on the 21st of November funding for the post-production of our film Lose Your Head.

Photo: Onar Vikingstad

September 7-10, 2012
Lose Your Head goes Madrid

Director, camerawoman and author/producer travel to Madrid to shoot the last remaining scenes of Lose Your Head with Jonás Berami as Carlos on location.
August 9, 2012
Last Day of Shooting

The official last day of shooting ends  at 2:30 a.m. at Görlitzer Park with a scene of Fernando climbing a wall as he is being chased by a barking dog (Inka).
July 20, 2012
Rain vs. sun

We survived the first minor catastrophes: Due to excessive rain we  postpone the second day of shooting at Kater holzig open air by a day. But even then, cast and crew have to fight with spontaneous hail storms and unexpected sunny moments during the dance scenes. Each scene is shot twice, once in the rain, once in the sun. We think about issuing two different final versions: a sunny edition and a rainy edition.

Photo: Christoph Klenzendorf

July 9, 2012
Party@Kater holzig

The official beginning of the shooting starts with a huge party at Kater holzig. The shooting takes an exhausting 15 hours. At night inside Rummel Club and from morning until noon open air. With DJs Freedarich, Touchy Mob, Purita, Jake the Rapper and Kevinfunkt (thanks again) and 500 guests (thank you, too). Not bad for a monday night – but it's Berlin after all.
July 7, 2012
Under Water

Unofficial pre-shooting of some underwater scenes at Liepnitzsee. In the drizzle Fernando falls many times fully clothed into the cold lake water. But it beats swimming in the Spree.
Photo: Jan Rothstein

May 14, 2012
A first meeting of the crew members and the main cast. Lead actor Fernando Tielve is welcomed at Schönefeld airport with the camera rolling and we shoot the first scenes of Luis' arrival in Berlin in true guerilla  documentary style. At night, during the warm-up party, some clips are shot to introduce the actors, the director and the author.
Lose Your Head
A party-tourist lost in Berlin.

Like thousands of other young tourists, Luis from Madrid arrives in Berlin to spend a carefree summer weekend. After a break-up, Berlin's infamous club scene seems the ideal place to fuck the pain away, make new friends, and fall in love again. However, Luis’ resemblance to a young Greek student who had gone missing a few weeks earlier gets him involved in a series of mysterious events. What starts out like a romantic adventure turns into a desperate chase through the streets as Luis gets more and more lost between paranoia and reality.

Lose Your Head features a collection of characters from all over the world who have been stranded in Berlin for various reasons: Luis, the attractive young clubber from Spain, Elena and Kostas from Greece, searching for their lost brother, Viktor, a seductive illegal immigrant from the Ukraine, Grit, a tough Berliner party girl, two homesick Japanese boys and others - searching, losing and finding each other in Lose Your Head.

In recent years, Berlin has become one of the most popular travel destination for young people worldwide. New hotels and hostels pop up everywhere and the districts have heated debates about the onslaught of the new tourists. Lose Your Head is the first feature film that deals with the phenomenon of party tourism. It takes place in the midst of Berlin's booming party scene, with ist huge clubs, illegal raves and abandoned industrial sites. The Bermuda triangle between Ostkreuz, Oberbaumbrücke and Alexanderplatz forms the background for an intense psycho-thriller.
Lose Your Head is inspired by the true story of a young Portuguese guy who disapperad in 2009 after a night at Berghain club. His body was found only months later in the river Spree. Lose your Head does not deal with the facts of this case, but with the fears and fantasies triggered by his disappearance.

photo © Basti Harding


Fernando Tielve
Luis, the young party tourist from Madrid, is played by Fernando Tielve, who had his first leading role in Guillermo Toro’s The Devil's Backbone. In Spain, Tielve is not only known for big international productions like Milos Forman's Goyas Ghosts, but also for the tv series Internado. Recently, Tielve played the lead in Alexis Dos Santo’s wonderful Unmade Beds and can be seen in the new Spanish film Seis Puntos sobre Emma.

Photos © Foto Fotograf
Marko Mandić
Well known Slovenian actor Marko Mandic´ plays the enigmatic Viktor. He recently starred in Dominik Graf’s critically acclaimed Russian mafia series In Face of the Crime and played with Götz George in the award winning tv production Zivilcourage. In Slovenia he is a member of the national theatre in Ljubljana and has received the award for best theatre actor of the year several times. He plays a leading part in Thomas Arslan's new film Gold.

Photos © Jörg Polzer
Sesede Terziyan
Sesede Terziyan plays Elena, who is looking for her lost brother. The actress of Armenian origin studied at the Ernst Busch Academy of Dramatic Art and is currently working at Ballhaus Naunynstraße and at Schauspielhaus in Düsseldorf. For her role in Verrücktes Blut she was nominated actress of the year by Theater heute magazine. In 2012 she received an acting award for the same role at KONTAKT Festival in Torun, Poland.

Photo © mirjam knickriem
Stavros Yagulis
Elena's Cousin Kostas is played by Stavros Yagulis. He grew up in Greece and took acting and directing classes in A.R.T-Harvard. He studied in the National Acting School of Northern Greece and graduated from the EMPROS School of Acting in Athens in 2000. Since then he has appeared in numerous theater shows in Greece and abroad as well as in movies (Matchbox, Dos- A love story in reverse) and concerts as singer/songwriter. In Berlin he founded the OPEN SYSTEM theater co.
Samia Chancrin
Samia Chancrin plays the Berliner party girl Grit. She studied acting at the Mozarteum in Salzburg und was member of the ensemble at the Württembergische Landesbühne Esslingen. She has acted in several short and feature films. For Autistic Disco she was nominated as best actress for the Förderpreis Deutscher Film. She has recently started to direct.

Photos © Julia Daschner
Stefan Westerwelle
Director Stefan Westerwelle's first feature Solange du hier bist was shown on many festivals throughout the world and has won several prizes (Locarno , Turin, Lisbon and Tel Aviv). In 2006 he received the Golden Lola in the category special prize. The following year he was awarded the Nachwuchspreis für young artists in Nordrhein Westfalen. In 2012, his documentary Detlef was shown at the International Film Festival in Berlin.

Photo © Foto Fotograf
Patrick Schuckmann
For the past 15 years Patrick Schuckmann has been writing scripts for diverse German televison series. Additionally, he developed his own theatre projects including the plays Soap Total and Das Nuller Revival and the theatre series schnäu&dräckig und Absolut Züri, that were played in nine different theatres in Switzerland. With his brother Michael he founded the production company Mutter-Film in 2012. He is author, producer and co-director of Lose Your Head.

Photo © Meiko Jahnke
Cast Liste
Luis:   Fernando Tielve
Viktor: Marko Mandić
Elena: Sesede Terzyian
Kostas: Stavros Yagulis
Grit: Samia Chancrin
Carlos: Jonás Berami
Dimitri: Jan Amazigh Sid
Gregor: Rummelsnuff
Jana: Claudia Splitt
Miss Desire: Kaspar Kamäleon
Pedro: Andrea Chirico
Alte Dame: Ruth Bickelhaupt
Flaschensammler: Pedro Sobisch
Dealer: Dieter Rita Scholl
Gerichtsmediziner: Andreas Stadler
Dimitris Mitbewohnerin: Sarah Klinge Effenberger
Rafi: Nico Döring
Japaner 1: Seiichiro Kariya
Japaner 2: Ryotetsu Kure
Türsteher: Oliver de Saive
Feuerwehrmann: Peter Mackensen
Verkehrspolizist: Kevin Maaßen
Barfrau: Teresa Marcinkiewicz
Polizist 1: Andreas Petri
Polizist 2: Jens Beyer
Frau auf Straße: Christina Gauglitz
Mann auf Straße: Johannes Suhm
Barmann: Juan Pallicer
Frau in Open Air Club: Purita Darango
Mann in Open Air Club: William Paterson
Isa: Maria Carnicer
Batu: Marta Hernandez
Maria: Anastasia Coyto Pablo
Frau am Fenster: Stefanie Lockwood
Mann am Fenster: George Tsivanoglu
Crew Liste
A film by     Patrick Schuckmann & Stefan Westerwelle
Regie:   Stefan Westerwelle  
Buch & Co-Regie : Patrick Schuckmann
Kamera: Julia Daschner
Schnitt: Ute Schall
Musik: Freedarich, Touchy Mob
Produzenten: Michael & Patrick
Herstellungsleitung: Judit Ruster
Licht: Hanna Mayser
Ton: Eckhart Plöttner
Ausstattung: Janina Niemesch, Maria Fechner
Kostüm: Catía Sofia Pereira Garcia
Maske: Seher Yavas
1. Aufnahmeleitung: Andreas Westphal
Setaufnahmeleitung: Jörg Polzer, Süheyla Schwenk
1. Regieassistenz: Jael Mittelbach
2. Regieassistenz: Kevin Murphy
Licht Philip Gerhardt, Leif Henrik Osthoff,
Mario Zettel, Alexander Donath, Oliver Opitz, Patrick Rost
Sounddesign: Tobias Bilz
Mischung: Lothar Segeler (Soundvision Köln)
Farbkorrektur: Henning Sancken (Studio Hamburg)
Titeldesign: Felix Dames
Szenenbildberatung: Karl Hermann Reith, Monika Ulrich
Fahrer: Christiane Mandel, Alexander Donath,
Jacob Chammon 
Thorsten Poggensee
Produktionsassistenz: Felix Heinzmann
Setrunner AL: Michael Reinke
Casting: Patrick Schuckmann, Stefan Westerwelle
Standfotografie: Meiko Janke, Jörg Polzer
Logodesign Filmtitel: William Paterson
Website Design: Benjamin Klott, Uri Eilam
Plakatdesign: Christian Küpker
Plakatfotografie: Belaid le Mharchi
Trailer: Andreas Zerr (Pixelgalaxie Hamburg)
Untertitel: Christina Gauglitz
Catering: Micky Balbiano (Cicciolina)



  • Stills
    Viktor (M. Mandic)
    Luis (F. Tielve)
    Luis (F. Tielve), Jana (C. Splitt), Gregor (Rummelsnuff), Rafi (N.Döring), Miss Desire (K. Kamäleon), Grit (S. Chancrin)
    Luis (F. Tielve) & Viktor (M. Mandic)
    Viktor (M. Mandic)
    Luis (F. Tielve) & Viktor (M. Mandic)
    Elena (S. Terziyan)
    Viktor (M. Mandic & Luis (F. Tielve)
    Luis (F. Tielve) & Grit (S. Chnacrin)
    Kostas (S.Yagulis), Elena (S.Terziyan) & Luis (F. Tielve)
    Viktor (M. Mandic) & Luis (F. Tielve)
    Viktor (M. Mandic) & Luis (F. Tielve)
    Viktor (M. Mandic) & Luis (F. Tielve) © Janke
    Gregor (Rummelsnuff) & "Pitbull" (Inka) © Janke
    Luis (F. Tielve) © Janke
    Luis (F. Tielve) © Janke
    K.Murphy, C. Splitt, S. Terziyan, K. Kamäleon (Grits Gang) © Janke
    Kostas (S.Yagulis), Elena (S.Terziyan) © Janke
    Luis (F. Tielve) © Janke
    Luis (F. Tielve) © Janke
    Luis (F. Tielve) © Janke
    Viktor (M. Mandic) & Luis (F. Tielve) © Janke
    Luis (F. Tielve) © Janke

  • Making of (© Meiko Janke)
    (S.Westerwelle, M. Mandic © Janke)
    S.Westerwelle, J.Daschner, S. Schwenk © Janke.
    F.Tielve, P.Schuckmann,S.Schwenk. J. Daschner, S. Westerwelle © janke
    cast & crew © Janke
    Viktors Versteck © Janke
    P.Rost ©Janke
    S. Schwenk © Janke
    C. Pereira Garcia, M. Schuckmann © Janke
    F.Tielve © Janke
    F. Tielve, J. Niemesch, S.Schwenk, S. Yavas, H. Mayser, J. Daschner © Janke
    J. Niemesch © Janke
    H. Mayser, J. Daschner, S.Westerwelle © Janke
    M. Schuckmann © Janke
    J. Daschner, S.Westerwelle © Janke
    © Janke
    S. Terziyan, J. Daschner © Janke
    © Janke
    K. Kamäleon, P.Schuckmann, Rummelsnuff © Janke
    J. Daschner © Janke
    S.Westerwelle, H. Mayser © Janke
    J. Daschner, S. Westerwelle, P. Schuckmann © Janke
    F.Tielve © Janke
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